One of the most interesting and ingenious ways to make money online is the extremely popular website ‘Swagbucks‘. How it works is actually surprisingly simple. The program is based on a virtual currency called, unsurprisingly, swagbucks.  When compared to the rewards, each swagbuck is worth roughly 1 U.S. cent. Don’t for one second think this means it’ll take you a month to earn a real buck, because there are a plethora of ways to earn.

Firstly, just signing up will net you 30 Swagbucks. Following this, there are a huge number of ways to up your ‘bucks tally. The simplest and most popular method is using the Swagbucks search engine – users will randomly be awarded varying amounts. Though one of the more inefficient ways to make ‘bucks, it naturally remains popular due to the fact the possibility of being rewarded exists for engaging an activity you’d be doing anyway – be it at work, school or just surfing. There’re also the familiar mainstays of online rewards programs: polls and surveys. Polls, being a one-click sort of affair, will only earn you a single ‘buck; surveys, being a bit more time consuming, net you greater rewards.

Many less orthodox earning methods exist as well:

• By watching videos through Swagbucks TV’s YouTube style section, you’ll be rewarded up to five Swagbucks.

• A fun option is to actually win ‘bucks by playing free flash games.

• Spending real money can make you virtual cash as well; you will either gain a certain amount of Swagbucks dependent on your purchase, or else per dollar spent.

• You can even earn by trading in video games, gaming consoles and books.

Believe it or not, there are many more ways to earn your ‘bucks. In fact, the site’s success allows them to, for all intents and purposes, give away ‘bucks through their TwitterFacebook and blog at any time by way of special codes. They keep ‘em joining with offering referral points and matching the points of the person you’ve referred up to a certain limit. Swagbuck-savvy users also offer pro-tips to maximize your earnings -installing the tool bar with earn you a buck a day and making your homepage a Swagbucks search increases your chances at search-’bucks with zero effort.

So why does Swagbucks qualify as an online money maker? Basically, because their list of affiliates is not just staggering, it’s nearly endless. With giftcards from virtually every major retailer (Lowe’sJCPenneyHome Depot - you name it) and the expected online giants such as Amazon and iTunes, there’s hardly any product you can’t purchase. And if ‘nearly everything’ doesn’t cut it for you, there’s also the wildly popular of trading in your ‘bucks for a PayPal cash card. Swagbucks is great for picking up a bit of spare spending ‘cash’ in your spare time – and for those with all the time in the world, it’s a goldmine of purchasing power. It can’t pad your savings account, but it’ll get you that next doodad you’ve had your eye on while keep your savings as is – and you can’t argue with that.

– Richard Howard.


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